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Bush turkey – Scientific name: Alectura lathami

Bush turkeys AKA Brush turkeys, Scrub turkeys or Bush chooks have had a pretty rough time of it of late. Not only were they hunted during the first part of the 20th century but they have more recently become public enemy No.1 as they have ventured back into suburbia to regain territory lost during the Great War on Turkeys.

Bush Turkeys live along the East coast of Australia from Far North Queensland to NSW. They make their nests on the ground by raking leaves into a large mound which serves as an incubator for their eggs. When ready the hatchlings will dig their way up to the surface but from then on they are on their own as their parents have little to do with them once they are born. Fortunately bush turkeys are now a protected species and are free to roam and rake wherever they please.

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